i thought i'd throw out my greatest hits.  the songs i parody are songs i like, and save for alanis morissette and her jagged little 13 plus uninvited and thank u, the most songs by one act i've penned (it's oct 28, 2006 today) are the acts i've seen in concert (save for michael w. smith i saw in maryland): billy joel at 19 (or 20), prince at 16, and madonna at 21 (or 20).  yes, i've done "justify my love" four or five times and i count each one.  i count "don't cry for me, argentina," as well.

written in honor of my ego   what you waiting for and how far we've come and harder to breathe
written in honor of alanis' 2005 do-over jagged little dyl, and the pill i discovered in 1998 walking in memphis (er, nashville)
written cuz strong woman can beat up her man ('s truck) before he cheats (the "some girls deserve it" song)
written because i can't stress enough gay matters of IDENTITY celebrity
written for a parody contest grandma got run over by a muslim
written my 25th birthday semi-charmed life
written because this site ridicules walking contradictions
written as a call to arms against political correctness operation spirit (the tyranny of tradition)
written remembering my childhood friend who i always "showed heineys" with justify my love
written in response to gays & feminists' calls to compromise god justify my love
written after 'mr. manipulator' came out of the closet in huntsville alabama beer and bones
written one summer in "fredneck" maryland goodbye earl
written because the title just begs it uninvited
written because the frontman is so damned cute this love
written because rape is a necessary evil let's talk about sex
written because fags don't address self-love that don't impress me much
how could i forget my reason to be something to talk about